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After several years in private practice, Shar Agosto started August Law Firm with a unique mindset - to care for clients where they are most concerned: their livelihoods and their wallets. August Law Firm provides several subscription based plans to save you unnecessary expenses and to help you know exactly what you’ll spend for your primary legal care needs, but also ala carte and full representation when you need it most.

Shar considers herself an A Type Free Spirit. She has a writing degree from Pepperdine University and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Tulsa. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband Dan and their six kids. She enjoys paperwork, checking off boxes, collaborating on poetry, and fighting human trafficking with The Demand Project. She established August Law Firm to provide affordable legal care for every type of budget. Shar believes that legal care should be and can be affordable.

Gabby Mandeville focuses on estate planning, probates, and helping you set up your new nonprofit or reinstate your previous nonprofit or church.

Kayla Patten is the August Law Firm dynamic LLI! She works primarily in Kay and Payne counties. Kayla focuses on helping people who think that getting quality legal care is outside their reach.

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We are a compassionate team of law experts dedicated to being there for you when you don't know what to do.

It's that simple.

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Legal care with your specific needs in mind.

Primary Legal Care for Individuals & Families

PLC Clients enjoy a personal relationship with an attorney who is one phone call, text, or email away for a low monthly subscription. Learn more about how you can gain peace of mind.

Our lawyer card membership for individuals is perfect for those that like to have the ease of having a lawyer behind their back able to respond quickly to any questions or services they may need. Say good bye to high hourly lawyer fees.

Primary Legal Care for Small Businesses

PLC Business Clients enjoy a remote legal department customized to meet your specific needs. Learn more about how we can help your small business.

Our Lawyer card membership offers an invaluable resource for business owner, instead of paying a lawyer per hour, we put you on a monthly membership where you have full access to us and our services brining you the most value for any business needs you may need.

Ala Carte Legal Services

Ala Carte Legal Services offers a cost effective way to tackle your legal issues without breaking your bank account. PLC Clients enjoy 25% off ala carte services not offered in the monthly subscription.

Full Representation

Our full representation services are offered for one flat fee with filing fees included in most cases you will know how much each service costs before you retain us. For your convenience and bank account, some full representation services can be offered ala carte and every PLC Client receives 25% off the rates listed.

Decadent Desserts

End your meal on a sweet note with

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Full Representation

Our full representation services are offered for one flat fee with filing fees included in most cases you will know how much each service costs before you retain us. For your convenience and bank account, some full representation services can be offered ala carte and every PLC Client receives 25% off the rates listed.


Private client

I highly recommend Ms.
Agosto of Agosto Law Firm for anyone facing misdemeanor charges. Ms. Agosto represented me in not one, but multiple misdemeanor cases, and achieved favorable outcomes in each.


Personal message - thank you for being a good lawyer, a good friend and a good listener. You never let me down and you're always on time. I pray that many blessings come your way because you truly are a blessing. I'm glad and appreciative that you are my Lawyer thank you.


Shar Agosto is the most amazing, caring lawyer out there. I have known her as a friend and as a client. I can't say enough good things. Honest, reliable, professional, and gets the job done. She has helped me with two separate issues, successfully. She also went above and beyond, by going after and researching the other party to give us leverage in court. And, truly advocating for my needs and desires. She has a big heart and big knowledge. You will want her in your corner!

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Trust Questions

What is an Estate Plan?

An estate plan is the plan you set up, while you have capacity (thinking clearly) to protect yourself and your assets while you may become incapacitated (power of attorney and healthcare power of attorney) and at your passing from this life (Trust, will, final instructions).

Why do I need a Trust if I have a will?

A will does not offer protection from probate. Probate is the very expensive, Court-led process of changing the ownership of your assets after you pass to a living person. With a trust, you can place your assets in Trust and then designate a Trustee (after you die) who can easily distribute your assets to the people you designate.

Why can't I just put my kids on the deeds?

Transferring your interest for your house or other titled assets can work, but only if you word everything properly. Also, for some people, they do not want to have ownership in real property that they do not benefit from - it can mess up your taxes.

What about my vehicles?

Oklahoma has a transfer on death document to easily transfer title to your loved ones or to put it into your Trust at your passing.

Criminal Defense Common Questions

What happens when I am charged with a misdemeanor?

The anatomy of a misdemeanor case is Arraignment (first appearance, this is when the Judge will insist you have an attorney). When you have an attorney before Arraignment, the attorney can actually call to set your case for Jury Trial Sounding Docket (JTSD). At the JTSD date, the attorney will find out what the State recommends for you as a punishing sentence. Misdemeanors have a range of punishment of a fine, or 10 days to one year in jail. At this point, you can set the case for an Allen hearing, to make sure you have all the discovery. Then, you can decide to either take the deal offered by the State, set the case for Jury or a Bench Trial. A good attorney will try to negotiate the best deal possible.

How much do you charge for criminal cases?

Yes, most misdemeanor cases are $1,200, which includes everything up to trial. Most simple felonies are $2,100 up to District Court Arraignment (DCA).

The facts of a case can greatly affect the price.

Trial is a separate cost.

Do you take payments?

Yes, we will take payments as long as you have a plan for payment. We will put a case on the calendar after the initial payment of at least $300.

What happens when I am charged with a felony?

The anatomy of a felony case is Arraignment (first appearance, this is when the Judge will insist you have an attorney or you can ask for a public defender).

At Arraignment, your case will be set for preliminary hearing within the next month.

At Preliminary Hearing, the State has to bring enough witnesses to show that a crime was probably committed and you probably committed it. Depending on the facts, you may waive prelim. At this point, the State has probably given your attorney a rec (recommendation) of a plea deal that you may consider within the range of punishment.

After preliminary hearing, you will go before a District Judge for another arraignment (DCA). At this point, you have to either take the deal, set the case for Jury or a Bench Trial, blind plea, or waive jury. A good attorney will try to negotiate the best deal possible.

But aren't Trusts for people with a lot of money?

No, this is the great myth about Trusts. If you have real property (land, mineral rights, etc), these cannot pass out of probate.

But aren't Trusts really expensive?

No, probate is expensive; the least you will spend on probate is probably $3,500 and that is a basic probate where nothing goes wrong. In contrast, we customize Trust packages to meet your needs and your budget.

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What about untitled assets?

We provide a plan for all your assets, whether titled or untitled.

I have a Trust, but I need to update it.

Fantastic! We do free estate plan audits to help you stay up-to-date on legal changes and update your estate plan.

What is discovery?

Discovery is the evidence that the State has gathered in order to charge you with a crime. The State is required to turn over all the evidence they have against you and that it will use at trial.

What is a deferred sentence?

A deferred sentence is a set period of time when you are on probation and you have to plead guilty to the crimes charged; but the Judge will defer a finding of guilt until you have successfully completed probation (taken classes, paid fees and court costs). At that time, when you have successfully completed probation, the Judge will dismiss and expunge your case. You can get a deferred sentence on a misdemeanor or felony as long as you have no criminal history. If you are not successful (don't pay fees/costs or catch another criminal case), your sentence can be accelerated to a suspended sentence where you will not be able to get the case dismissed and expunged.

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What is a suspended sentence?

A suspended sentence is when you plead guilty and are sentenced to a length of time, but it is suspended, meaning you will be on either supervised or unsupervised probation for a time. If you do not pay your fees/fines or catch another case, your suspended sentence can be revoked and you might spend the rest of the time in prison.

What is a range of punishment?

Every criminal charge has a certain range of punishment set by the Oklahoma legislators. You can find the range of punishment either in the statute you are charged under (example 21 O.S. 791) or referenced in it. The State cannot charge more than the range unless it is a deferred and in that case, they can give you more time than is in the range.

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